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Easy and complete recycling

Easy and complete recycling 

GreenDisk offers a convenient, comprehensive set of services to help individuals and organizations reduce the expense and the environmental impact associated with obsolete technology. Specialized, convenient recycling programs are available for most forms of technotrash. Each program pays particular attention to the secure, audited disposal of the intellectual property that is uniquely associated with this waste stream. With audited accountability you can be assured that your files are safe. And you can be confident that your materials have been disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.

Gift Certificates. What better way is there to say you care for a person and the planet than with a Gift Certificate for GreenDisk green products and technotrash recycling services.  A perfect gift for friends, family, colleagues, and employees.  Learn More

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Full Service Collection Boxes: Technotrash Cans

Technotrash Can. Technotrash Cans are convenient collection boxes and include the empty box, shipping, processing, and Certificate of Destruction. There are two sizes to choose from:  Standard and Tall. The Standard allows up to 50 lbs. The Tall allows up to 100 lbs. Space permitting in both boxes. Important Information.    [more]

TECHNOTRASH CAN - TALL (up to 100 lbs.)$119.95
Starter Kit - 3 TALL Technotrash Cans$349.95
Discount Bundle - 10 TALL Technotrash Cans$1,149.50
Enterprise Pack - 20 TALL Technotrash Cans$2,199.95
TECHNOTRASH CAN - STANDARD (up to 50 lbs.)$59.95
Starter Kit - 3 STANDARD Technotrash Cans$174.95
Discount Bundle - 10 STANDARD Technotrash Cans$579.95
Enterprise Pack - 20 STANDARD Technotrash Cans$1,129.95

Note:  3, 10 and 20 packs are discounted and offer the best value.
Discounts only apply if shipped to the same location.
The TTC is only available in the 48 contiguous states.
Not available in Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico or outside North America.

Self-Service: Technotrash Pack-IT

With the Technotrash Pack-IT Service, you pack any technotrash items (just like the Technotrash Can) in your own box and you pay to ship it to GreenDisk using your preferred shipper. You get secure disposal for up to 25 lbs of any mix of technotrash items at just $14.95. ($.50 for each additional pound). Click Here and Read Before Ordering. [more]

Note:  If you purchased a Pack-IT Service prior to January 1, 2020, the address of the processing facility may have changed.  Email ( or call with your order number and token number so we can send you a replacement label if the address is outdated.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Technotrash Pack-IT Service - 25 lbs or less$14.95
Additional Pounds over 25 lbs. (*Pack-IT order above required)$0.50

For any Pack-IT order over 25 lbs., put the number "1" in the Pack-IT service area and the total weight less 25 lbs. in the "additional pounds" area. If you have multiple boxes, the number of labels you print should match the number of boxes. To uniquely identify your boxes, write-in (on each label) 1 of x number of boxes, 2 of x, etc.

Computer System - CPU & Monitor (19 inches or less)$999.95
Single Component - Desktop Computer$999.95
Single Component - Laptop Computer$999.95
Single Component - Monitor (19 inches or less)$999.95
Peripheral Devices in single box (i.e. printers)$999.95

To order using a PO (or check), download the GreenDisk Technotrash Recycling Order Form. Purchase order acceptance pending approval from GreenDisk.  Please call 800.305.3475 with questions.

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