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GreenDisk.  Your one-stop shopping
for technotrash recycling services.

For Loads over 500 lbs.

GreenDisk provides convenient pickup for technotrash loads over 500 lbs. We offer an "a la carte" service:  you can just receive GreenDisk's high quality standard processing - the destruction of any information on your media, the recycling of all material, and associated reporting of your activity - OR you can rely on a variety of additional GreenDisk services from "cradle to grave" including reliable, cost-effective pickup and shipping of materials to our processing centers around the country.

Our goal is to make the administrative process quick and easy for you while ensuring that we protect the environment and provide you with any compliance reporting you require - reuse first and recycle second.  We can quickly get you a quote on any job and a pickup usually within 48 hours.  Please call to discuss.

For Special Needs

GreenDisk has a proven, proprietary system of collection and processing that makes the recycling of all forms of technotrash viable at a reasonable cost.  Clients often ask us if our system will work for them and their unique needs.  We tell them that in most cases our off-the-shelf solutions match our client requirements.  But for those with truly different needs, our system infrastructure typically covers 80% of the requirements and we only need to develop a custom solution for the remaining 20%.  This saves on both development time and costs.  The adaptability of our system and our ability to handle loads from a few pounds to hundreds of tons sets us apart.

GreenDisk can customize any of its existing programs and services for your organization. You get a technotrash recycling program that is integrated into the mission and the operations of your company. Your company will be provided with convenient recycling programs that are fully supported by a comprehensive audit report. The information is delivered in a manner and form that best serves your overall business.

Participation in our program ensures that all the intellectual property contained on your electronic media is fully destroyed and all physical materials are recycled or reused. GreenDisk will also provide a convenient method of disposal for all of the associated technology-based accessories and supplies. No need for you to spend your time and money sorting the trash. A Certificate of Compliance with our bonded guarantee will be forwarded to you for your files. GreenDisk will maintain audit reports that allow you to verify counts and track.

Items GreenDisk will recycle for you:

  • CDs & DVDs, diskettes, and their cases
  • Video and audio tapes and their cases
  • Inkjet and toner cartridges
  • Cell phones, pagers and PDAs
  • Cords, cables, mice, printed circuit boards

Our goal is to make your recycling program the right environmental solution and the right business solution. To develop a customized technotrash recycling solution for your organization contact us today.  Please call to discuss your special needs.

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