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Made from the best stuff everyone else already made.

The GreenDisk line of recycled office supplies and computer accessories are made from the materials recycled from our recycling services programs. The materials we use come either from the original manufacturers or from you. GreenDisk just gives them back to you in a more usable form. The primary focus is on reuse, and then on recycling. All GreenDisk branded products are premium quality, professional grade because they come exclusively from unsold software, music or movies.

Enter the desired quantity of each product and click 'Add Items To Cart'  SHIPPING IS INCLUDED.  MINIMUM PRODUCT ORDER IS $20 not including Technotrash Cans.


New ReWritable media in recycled jewel cases and packaging; CD-RW Silver, 74 minute/650MB, 4X Media  [more]

CD-RW 10 Pack - OUT OF STOCK$0.00

Jewel Cases for CD/DVD

New CD/DVD Cases made from recycled materials - when you want to preserve and organize your discs.  GreenDisk Jewel Cases are the best way to protect your discs, your data and your planet.  [more]

Jewel Cases - 10 Pack - OUT OF STOCK$0.00
Jewel Cases - 100 Pack - OUT OF STOCK$0.00

SoftShell Cases for CD/DVD

New CD/DVD Cases made from 100% recycled materials - when you want to travel or transport a disc.  GreenDisk SoftShells are the best way to protect your discs, your data and your planet.  [more]

Soft Shell Cases - 10 Pack (round) - OUT OF STOCK$0.00
Soft Shell Cases - 10 Pack (square) - OUT OF STOCK$0.00

Formatted Diskettes

Made from the best discs everyone else ever made.  These high quality, professional grade, formatted disks are recycled from unsold, unopened software.  [more]

IBM Format, 3.5" Diskettes - 10 Pack - OUT OF STOCK$0.00
MAC Format, 3.5" Diskettes - 10 Pac - OUT OF STOCK$0.00
IBM Format, 3.5" Diskettes - 25 Pack - OUT OF STOCK$0.00


Full Service Technotrash Boxes

GreenDisk offers two full-service options that include a collection box, all transportation, the destruction of content on media, and recycling of associated material – the GreenDisk Technotrash Can and the GreenDisk eMedia Recycler

Technotrash Can. Technotrash Cans are convenient collection boxes for CDs, diskettes, DVDs, ink cartridges, cell phones, videotapes, pagers, PDAs, and all of your small technotrash. Collection box, postage, processing, and audit report with the Certificate of Destruction are all included for one low price. There are two sizes to choose from:  Standard and Tall. The Standard allows up to 35 lbs. The Tall allows up to 70 lbs.

eMedia Recycler focuses only on media and their cases. This service is perfect for those organizations that need to securely recycle dense media (such as CDs and DVDs) and want compliance reporting, an additional feature included with this service. The eMedia Recycler also has two sizes with the same dimensions as the Technotrash Can. The Standard allows up to 50 lbs. The Tall allows up to 100 lbs.
Important Information.    [more]

TECHNOTRASH CAN - TALL (up to 100 lbs.)$119.95
Starter Kit - 3 TALL Technotrash Cans$349.95
Discount Bundle - 10 TALL Technotrash Cans$1,149.50
Enterprise Pack - 20 TALL Technotrash Cans$2,199.95
TECHNOTRASH CAN - STANDARD (up to 50 lbs.)$59.95
Starter Kit - 3 STANDARD Technotrash Cans$174.95
Discount Bundle - 10 STANDARD Technotrash Cans$579.95
Enterprise Pack - 20 STANDARD Technotrash Cans$1,129.95

Note:  3, 10 and 20 packs are discounted and offer the best value.
Discounts only apply if shipped to the same location.
The TTC and EMR are only available in the 48 contiguous states.
Not available in Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico or outside North America.

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