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GreenDisk is at your disposal.

GreenDisk began on April 22, 1993 (Earth Day!). Headquartered in Sammamish Washington, the company was founded by high tech industry veterans who had a particular passion for the environment.

GreenDisk provides secured, audited disposal of intellectual property stored on electronic media and other technotrash. The resulting materials are then used to manufacture the GreenDisk branded line of office supplies.  Through a set of strategic alliances, GreenDisk works with both for profit and non-profit companies to create a national network of service providers. Rather than build new manufacturing facilities and recycling centers, GreenDisk partners with these non-profit agencies. This creates jobs for workers with disabilities while creating an innovative set of recycling services along with a new line of recycled products.

Initially, the company focused on the need among software publishers for a secure system of disposal of their unsold packages of obsolete software. Their primary concern was for the destruction of the intellectual property. GreenDisk's concern was for accomplishing this important task in an environmentally responsible manner without compromising security. GreenDisk provides a solution to this problem by offering alternatives that create an audit trail to assure that all intellectual property is destroyed and the materials recycled. In response to demand GreenDisk began to offer its secure disposal services to a wider range of clients. The company now serves publishers, businesses, government agencies and individuals who have similar concerns about their data and their environment. The spectrum of materials recycled has also grown to include everything from a diskette to the whole PC. GreenDisk can now provide full recycling accountability for the entire range of technotrash.   

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