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Computer Recycling 
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Secure Computer and Component Recycling  

A safe, secure, environmentally responsible solution to the problem of what to do with old computer systems and components. With the GreenDisk Computer and Component Recycling Service you can safely recycle your old computer systems, monitors, fax machines, printers, and other peripherals items. 

Send us your old components, and we’ll wipe your hard drive beyond any possible recovery, send you a Certificate of Destruction with a GreenDisk guarantee, and responsibly recycle the hardware.  The GreenDisk guarantee ensures all intellectual property and the associated physical materials are disposed of in a secure, environmentally responsible manner.  From complete systems to individual components, let GreenDisk take care of your hardware and information disposal needs.

The process is simple and convenient:

  • Pack your components in an appropriate box (or boxes). 
  • Place your order online.
  • Upon placing your order, you will receive an email with a PDF attached that contains your FedEx Ground shipping label including postage (all shipping and processing is included).
  • Affix the postage-paid mailing label(s) to your box or boxes.
  • When the package is ready for mailing, either drop the box(es) off at a local FedEx or FedEx office or contact FedEx directly for a pickup.  Directions for a pickup are provided in a link in the email sent to you with your label.

Service Options: Your service choices are:

Computer System – includes the monitor and CPU (in two separate boxes)  

Single component Options (in one box):
Desktop computer - can include the CPU, keyboard, cables, and mice.
Laptop computer - we accept any make or model
Monitor - must be 19 inches or less
Peripheral devices - can include printers, fax machines, and scanners.

All options include the processing and shipping. You securely package the system or standalone component in the box or boxes you supply. Each box can weigh up to 35 lbs.  GreenDisk assigns you a token authorization number and supplies a postage paid shipping label for each box.   

Enter the desired quantity of each product and click 'Add Items To Cart'.

Computer System - CPU & Monitor (19 inches or less)$999.95
Single Component - Desktop Computer$999.95
Single Component - Laptop Computer$999.95
Single Component - Monitor (19 inches or less)$999.95
Peripheral Devices in single box (i.e. printers)$999.95

Available only in the 48 contiguous states. Not available in Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico or outside North America.

To order using a PO (or check), download the GreenDisk Technotrash Recycling Order Form. Purchase order acceptance pending approval from GreenDisk.  Please call 800.305.3475 with questions.

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