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Why GreenDisk

GreenDisk is committed to helping individuals and organizations sustain the environment.  We started out almost 15 years ago on Earth Day 1993 serving manufacturers of software and music CDs by responsibly disposing of millions of packages that were filling up landfill.  We recycled the materials (paper, plastics, metals) and produced products such as GreenDisk Recycled Diskettes (we actually still sell those!).

We have evolved quite a bit over the years.  Today we are the leader in technotrash recycling and reuse.  We focus on making recycling of the newest and fastest growing ecological problem - electronic waste - convenient and available to everyone in the country. 

We have expanded our services to include organizations and individuals. We offer:

¨   an “industrial strength” recycling solution available at home or at work
ecycling services with the convenience of easy ordering and easy pickup
acceptance of a wide range of mixed technotrash (from a CD to a PC)
the secure destruction of all information on any media
products made from the materials you recycle

It can be as simple for you as ordering one of our collection boxes (the Technotrash Can) online, filling it with all sorts of technotrash (no time consuming sorting is necessary), and giving it to your postal carrier or FedEx person to return to us for processing.  Thousands are already taking advantage of this service to protect our environment.   

Or you can take advantage of our other convenient services or products.  These days everyone with a computer or a VCR is a “publisher” (whether they want to be or not).  And everyone has a closet or storage area full of tapes, CDs, computer components, and other electronic waste.  GreenDisk is here to help turn this waste stream into items of value.