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Welcome to GreenDisk

As seen on the Today Show
  As Seen on the Today Show

What do you need?

To dispose of loads of Technotrash over 500 lbs.

To dispose of loads between 10 and 500 lbs.

To service multiple sites with relatively small loads.

Special Needs

General Information - Go to the Home Page

Why GreenDisk?

  • Convenient for you - easy pickup

  • We take most forms of technotrash - media and their cases, computers, peripherals, cell phones, printer cartridges, etc.       FULL LIST

  • Secure destruction of information on all media

  • We care about the environment first and foremost. Reuse, then recycle. Cradle to grave.

  • 14 years of experience partnering with manufacturers, technology companies, movers, banks, hospitals, government (federal, state, and local), all types of organizations, and individuals at home or in the office to keep the environment healthy.

  • Flexible programs - both standard and custom

  • Reasonable rates

Or just call 800-305-3475