1. Price covers processing and recycling.
  2. You need to supply your own box.
  3. You pay for the shipping.


How do I order?

  1. You need to order one Pack-IT per box.
  2. Estimate the weight of each box.
  3. If a box is 25 lbs. or less, you just need to order that one Pack-IT.
  4. For boxes over 25 lbs., add weight over 25 pounds and enter it into the Additional Pounds box.



  1. Box weighs 18 lbs.  Order 1 Pack-IT service.
  2. Box weighs 30 lbs.  Order 1 Pack-IT service and 5 Additional Pounds.
  3. There are 3 boxes.  They weigh 18, 25, and 45 pounds, respectively.  Total weight = 88 lbs.  Order 1 Pack-IT service (25 lb. credit) and 63 lbs. Additional Pounds.


Sending in your Pack-IT

  1. Once you place your order, you will receive an email receipt within a few minutes.
  2. The email receipt will contain a PDF with a shipping label for each Pack-IT ordered.  The shipping label will have the location of where you need to send your box.
  3. You can ship using whatever transport carrier you like.
  4. Your Pack-IT Service package will be sent to zip code 45420.  You can use this to help estimate the cost of shipping.
  5. If you are sending in only media, we recommend using the US Postal Service's Media Rate.  But you can use any carrier you would like.